Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rest in Peace, 'Ringo...

I am shocked and saddened.

A great artist in my opinion passed away recently- Mike Wieringo. i was vacationing with the family when this happened so it's only now that i have the moment to reflect here what Mr. Wieringo meant to me.

He was a great source of inspiration and a classic artist with a bold, clean style that i admired. From what i've heard he was also a great human being and i wish i had the chance to have met him. i only crossed paths with him over at the Drawing Board site a few times but regardless, his work was a pleasure to see and he's been one of the few artists that has kept me interested in comics in recent years. ( I'd been following his work since his early years on THE FLASH series--It was bold, vibrant, joyful-- It was fun!!! His art style was the epitome of what superhero comics should be.)

Gonna miss seeing his work. A great loss to the world of comics.

My condolences to the Wieringo family and his close friends.



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