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The UNDERDOG SHOW always started with this familar song:
"When criminals in this world appear,
And break the laws that they should fear,
And frighten all who see or hear,
The cry goes up both far and near for
Underdog! Underdog! Underdog! Underdog!
Speed of lightning! Roar of Thunder!
Fighting all who rob and plunder!
Underdog! Underdog! Underdog!"

The premise was that "humble and lovable" Shoeshine Boy (a cartoon dog) was really the superhero Underdog! When villains threatened, Shoeshine Boy ducked into a telephone booth where he transformed into the caped and costumed hero, destroying the booth in the process when his super powers were activated. Underdog almost always spoke in rhyme. Underdog's most frequent saying when he appeared was,"There's no need to fear, Underdog is here!!"

Fast forward to 2007 as live-action Underdog film is distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. Any fan of the original show is sure to be dissappointed. For us purists, the DVD of the series has been released as well so i hope if money is spent on UNDERDOG, it's the cartoon show that made him the character he is.




Blogger jason quinones said...


underdog was one of all time favorites cartoon characters. i always related more to the cartoon "underdogs" like droopy,eeyore, porky and millhouse than the loud mouth braggards like bugs or mickey.

this live action abomination is pretty much going against the original spirit of underdog who i remember as being more soft spoken and humble and not some wise cracking mutt!

GREAT drawing too.

1:06 PM  
Blogger FrogDaddy said...

that's just brillant chuck...I was wondering if
Underdog was going to be your next move...
Him or Felix the Cat...the wonderful, wonderful cat...I never knew what color U-Dog 's costume was for the longest time (we had a B&W TV till I was like 8 or 9) This poster's mint and this movie's gonna be utter shite. I feel you on this one...some things, like Jesse's blog, are best remembered as they were....

12:09 AM  
Blogger Lou said...

Very cool and very right! Disney SUCKS!

5:06 PM  
Blogger My Pencil Box Zoo said...

LOVE THE EXPRESSION ON HIS FACE! He looks how I, and apparently everyone else, feels about this movie. Great drawing!

The thing I always wonder about in this kinda instance is, does a misfire like this (doing live action instead of animated) keep it from ever being done the right way. Someone who would have done an Underdog movie properly, now decides, "Why bother?", since a big studio just did it and it flopped. Figuring any audience that might have been there is now turned off of the character because of the previous misguided attempt.

9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the hell, dude, I've seen the poster and I don't even wanna see the trailer for it!!! This is blasphemy!!! Underdog is my absolute favorite cartoon of all time (or ONE of them, at least) and they're totally messing it up for everyone! Underdog and Schoolhouse Rock got me through my early years...

10:37 AM  
Blogger FrogDaddy said...

Electra Woman & Dyna Girl and Bigfoot and WildBoy got me off when I was a young 'un...
The movie opened in 4th place this weekend...
(Cue Sesame Street "Bert gets fooled by Ernie again" trumpet:)

9:10 PM  

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