Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Green Lantern's Light Shines Bright...

Picked up a copy of "Green Lantern: First Flight" last week (with the free mini-action figure!) and watched it.

I liked mostly everything about this movie. All the character designs, the backgrounds, the whole look of the film was great!! The writing and dialogue was sharp and intense, and the animation was very, very nice. As someone who was a GL fan as a kid, but lost interest over the years due to the general mishandling of the character, this was just pure joy to watch.

I got a little bit of a Star Wars feeling from this movie. With the Lanterns acting as Jedi, and the guardians behaving the way the Jedi Council did. Solid characterization, especially evil Sinestro. Hal Jordan is a distinctly unique hero, never once sounding like a typical super hero.

Green Lantern: First Flight was a more-than-worthy addition to the growing ranks of DC animated films. i'm all for more films starring characters other than Superman & Batman (although the upcoming "Public Enemies" sounds pretty good and has a lot of great guest stars!).


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