Friday, December 02, 2005

Last month...

Lots happened in the past month that prevented me from updating
my blog but it was mostly good (if not GREAT) events in my life!!

First and most importantly was the birth of my first child on November 04.
Baby girl Megan Alexis weighed in at 8lb 10oz- big baby!!! My wife Karen and i
are truly blessed with such a beautiful baby!!!!

Then on November 23 my cousin Matt walked down the aisle and wed his soulmate Marianela
in a very nice ceremony and we all had a blast at the reception that night!!! i really wish them lots of love and happiness!!!!

On a sour note, my hard drive crashed days after i brought little Megan
home and prevented me from sharing many pictures right away of my girl.
(i did get to spend time with her so maybe the computer crash was an blessing!)

Anyways, problem solved (Thanks, Alberto!) and i'm up and running with
a better hard drive and clean system!!!

Blog updates should come regularly starting this month!!